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GlasMasters manufactures composites for underground utilities. We manufacture a large variety of small underground enclosures that are typically used for residential water meters. Our products are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. GlasMasters’ underground enclosures are created using the composite materials of polymer concrete in combination with fiberglass. These materials offer superb strength-weight ratio, and maintain that strength over time. They are not susceptible to the elements of the environment, unlike traditional precast concrete or plastic. 

At GlasMasters, we have built our reputation by making only quality products and providing the best customer service. With our great team of employees and the latest technology equipment, we can keep up with the demands of the large customers by providing short lead times while maintaining high quality workmanship. We also offer the same customizable products that typically only large customers can afford to even the smallest customer.

We understand that our products are a large investment and a vital part of your company’s infrastructure. That is why we strive to make only the best products, because we know you depend on them. You can rest assured knowing that you have installed products that will stand the test of time .


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