Guardian Series Boxes

Guardian Series Boxes Improve Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Success Rate

JEA-Tier8-BoxGlasMasters Guardian Series are patented meterboxes specifically designed for Automated Meter Reading (AMR) networks that utilize touchreads or low voltage transmitters. As AMR is adopted by more and more utility companies, many new problems arise. One of the biggest problems that many companies experience is broken equipment.

Typically, AMR antennas are mounted in the access cover. This leads to many failed units for various reasons. The primary cause of most failed units is due to physical damage caused while removing the access cover. This damage can be caused by a resident or a technician who removes the access cover to read the meter or to cut a valve on/off. These antennas, which hang from the bottom side of the access cover can be broken during removal of the access cover or while placing the cover on the ground. It is also possible to pull a wire connection loose while removing the access cover, which results in a failed transmission. The GlasMasters Guardian Series prevent all of these failures from occuring, ensuring that your AMR system runs 100%.



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