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Just Because It Is TOUGH, Doesn't Mean

It Shouldn't Look Good

GlasMasters is proud to be the only company that offers truly custom logos. We believe that if we make and enclosure that you will have in the ground for years and years, that you should be able to decide how it should look. With more customizable options than offered by anyone else, you can create an enclosure that is unique and unlike any others.

Customizable options can be used to identify the type of equipment that is contained within the enclosure, can be used to promote corporate branding, or can be used to blend the enclosure into the surroundings.

Custom Features Custom Logos

May Include:

• Company Logo

• Contact Phone Number

• Reclaimed Identification and Symbol


• Service Type

• RFID Frequency

Available Colors:

• Concrete Gray (Standard)

• Purple Pantone 522C

  (Reclaimed Water)


• Blue (Potable Water)

• Green (Sewer)

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