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GlasMasters Boxes Help New AMR Infrastructure Succeed

As we proceed into the future of Automated Meter Reading (AMR), many utility companies are forced to replace their previous enclosures with newer enclosures that have the ability to house AMR equipment. To upgrade an entire system is a very costly and time consuming project. With extensive experience in AMR projects, GlasMasters products can save your company valuable time and money.

GlasMasters Boxes have been designed to be interchangeable with many of the common preexisting enclosures. Many of the preexisting enclosures have been cast in concrete or pavement and would require a significant amount of work to replace.

AMR Photo - Palm Beach County CROP copy.

If the meter can be changed without removing the enclosure, why should you have to bust up concrete to install a new one? Instead, only replace the access cover with a new one that accepts the AMR antenna and fits the existing enclosure.

The most costly part of any project of this nature is sometimes easily overlooked, but it does not take long after a project begins that this cost becomes apparent. This would be the cost associated with a lack of inventory. Avoid these budget overages by choosing a manufacture that has the ability and experience to support a project of this magnitude.

GlasMasters is proud to work closely with the project managers to understand their needs and deliver the products in a time efficient manner to ensure that their crews do not go without product.

If you are considering upgrading to an AMR system, let GlasMasters innovative products help you prevent unnecessary costs associated with damaged electronics. GlasMasters Guardian Series enclosures are designed to protect the AMR equipment better than any other enclosure on the market by moving the antenna and battery out of the access cover and into the enclosure where it belongs.


This patented enclosure prevents damage inflicted by customers, installers and service technicians.

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