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Product Placement Guide

This guide was created to assist customers during the load rating selection process by providing visual examples of the applications specified in the ANSI/SCTE 77 2017 standard.


Enclosures that are located in areas that will never experience vehicular traffic such as residential lawns near a building or in a backyard.


Enclosures that are located near vehicular traffic, but will not be driven over. In the drawing, TIER 8 enclosures are located in a parking lot, but are blocked by concrete tire stops. Also shown are TIER 8 enclosures that are located in places that protect the enclosure from vehicular traffic, such as behind a light pole or surrounded by landscaping.


Enclosures that are located in areas that may experience non-deliberate heavy vehicular traffic. Such areas include “right-of-ways” and medians. TIER 15 enclosures should also be used in parking lots where the enclosure is not protected from traffic, such as near a light pole. It is also possible to use TIER 15 enclosures in single lane alleys as long as they are located in the center of the alley straddle the enclosure with both tires.


Enclosures that may be exposed to very heavy non-deliberate traffic that exceed the design load of TIER 15.

Deliberate Vehicular Traffic

As stated in the ANSI/SCTE 77 2017 standard, polymer concrete and fiberglass enclosures are not suitable for deliberate vehicular traffic applications. Only precast concrete, cast iron or AASHTO recognized materials may be used.

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If you have any questions concerning product placement, please feel free to contact a GlasMasters representative to ensure a reliable installation.

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