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How Strong Are GlasMasters Boxes

4 X Stronger / 3 X Lighter

GlasMasters Boxes are designed and formulated specifically for their intended application. These applications are derived from ANSI standards that are accepted industry-wide for underground enclosures. As shown in the following table, the specific load rating for an enclosure that receives non-deliberte vehicular traffic is much higher that an enclosure that only receives pedestrian loading. We highly recommend selecting the load ratings that are specified for the application as stated the ANSI/SCTE 77 2017 specification.


The ANSI/SCTE 77 2017 “Specification for Underground Enclosure Integrity” was published in 2017 and relates specifically to underground enclosures that are commonly used as meter boxes, valve boxes, junction boxes and splice boxes. Many other standards have been used in the past, but are not specific to these types of enclosures, which can lead to ambiguity and cause confusion. For this purpose, all GlasMasters Boxes are built and conform to the ANSI/SCTE 77 2017 specification.


To ensure our customers, that they are installing the proper enclosures, each product is identified with corresponding Tier rating that the product was built for.  All GlasMasters Boxes have been tested by a third party- party licensed engineer and found to conform to the ANSI/SCTE 77 2017 standards. Records of test results are on file and can be provided upon request.

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All GlasMasters Boxes are manufactured out of lightweight/high-strength materials and are typically three times lighter than traditional precast concrete enclosures. All products listed as a small enclosures conform to the OSHA standards for one man or two man lift. Large enclosures, such as vaults, may require the use of a lifting device. However, many of the large enclosures can be shipped as individual components and assembled in the field without the use of equipment.

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